20210 - Zulu Warrior Counting Rifles No.1, 1879

W. Britains

Zulu Warrior Counting Rifles No.1, 1879

Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead: Adendorff, what’s wrong with them? Why don’t they fight? 
Adendorff: They’re counting your guns. 
Lieutenant John Chard: What?! 
Adendorff: Can’t you see that old boy up on the hill? He’s counting your guns. Testing your firing power with the lives of his warriors.

Of course, this did not happen in the way depicted in the movie Zulu. Despite the fact that many warriors faced death in battle willingly, even eagerly, they would have been cautious when putting themselves in harm’s way. In actuality, most of the rounds fired by the British at distance either missed them completely or simply wounded the Zulus. About 2/3 of the Zulus killed in the battle died of a bayonet to the head.

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