20216 - Zulu Warrior Counting Rifles No.2, 1879

W. Britains

Zulu Warrior Counting Rifles No.2, 1879

War drums are intimidating and can produce strong psychological effect on the opposing forces. In lieu of frontline percussion, warriors would strike their weapon against their shields. When hammered in unison, 1,000 spear butts against 1,000 shields would generate a powerful and terrifying racket – a very clear way of showing your adversary your animus and intent. This warrior’s shield was made of dried and stretched cowhide, giving it a drum-like tonal quality when struck. Its low frequency timbre would travel great distances before falling on the enemy’s ears. 

Conversely, this was also a way for warriors to salute their foes or fellow braves.

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

Single figure in box

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