25203 - "Kaiserbaracke Crossroads" Type 166 Schwimmwagen, 1st SS, Ardennes 1944-45

W. Britains


Kaiserbaracke Crossroads Type 166 Schwimmwagen, 1st SS, Ardennes 1944-45

This set is based on one of the most recognizable images of the war. It was taken from the German newsreels during the failed German offensive in the Ardennes, December 1944. The offensive known as Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein (“Operation Watch on the Rhine”) was launched and vehicles passing at the Kaiserbaracke Crossroads between St. Vith and Malmedy, were filmed by by Propagandakompanie or PK cameramen. These are the men of the 3rd Kompanie SS-Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung (Reconnaissance Unit), Kampfgruppe Knittel posed walking and reading maps in front of the signpost. The German’s initial attack involved 410,000 men and by the end of the offensive between 63,222 and 98,000 of these men were killed, missing, wounded in action, or captured.

1/30 scale
Matte Finish
5 Piece Set
Each set comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and is limited to a production run of 345 pieces.

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