13009 US Navy Captain , 1810-15

W. Britains

Although the U.S. navy was created by an act of Congress on 30 April, 1798, the first uniform instructions were not published until 1802. Civilian and military fashion were dramatically changing due in part to the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Europe. Officer’s uniforms were privately purchased and as a result the interpretation of theregulations allowed some latitude with many new uniforms cut in the latest fashion. A new U.S. navy regulation was approved in 23 November, 1813 which described the dress of senior officers, confirming the evolution of dress since the 1802 regulations. This new style uniform is well recorded by several surviving portraits of U.S. navy officers of the Quasi-War with France and the War of 1812, and remarkably similar to the Naval uniforms of Great Britain.

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