13018 U.S. Marine Rifleman, WWII, 1943-45

W. Britains

U.S. Marine Rifleman, WWII, 1943-45

World War II had its roots in the political and social conditions that arose following the end of World War I. Once-great nations faltered and ones once meager flourished. Japan was one of those that blossomed. As a member of the then Allies, she was given control of the German held territories in the Pacific. Permitted to govern and develop the lands placed under their charge, Japan became the strongest power in the region. Disregarding treaties restricting warships and territorial expansion, Japan continued to extend her influence. The U.S. isolationist stance meant Japan’s lust for power would go largely unchecked. Two years into the European war, Germany’s ally in the Pacific struck Pearl Harbor.
And then it was time to call in the Marines.

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