13038 - U.S. Marine NCO, 1898

W. Britains

In 1898 the U.S. Marines saw action in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines during the Spanish–American War. The successful landings at Guantanamo, and the tenacious fighting at the Battle of Cienfuegos, and in Fajardo during the Puerto Rican Campaign, solidified the Marines’ stature as an elite combat unit. Fifteen Marines would earn the Medal of Honor during the conflict. At the outbreak of war, Marine forces wore their standard blue wool uniforms owing to a shortage of khaki cloth. Equipment consisted of a wide belt with attached x-suspenders and ammunition pouches, all made of black leather; a canteen, haversack, plus bayonet scabbard. Later, a brown linen “campaign suit” was adopted, to be worn in conjunction with the felt campaign hat.



Type: Miniature