16201 - French Fusilier Regiment Berry, 1758

W. Britains


Art of War- Art of Don Troiani: French Fusilier Regiment Berry, 1758 

This Fusilier wears the typical dress of French Infantry during the 18th century consisting of a natural white wool coat, vest, and knee breeches worn with high linen gaiters on service. France established one of the first large standing armies in Europe and, largely for economic reasons, chose undyed or white wool for the uniforms of their large army. Regimental distinctions for the various regiments were in the form of colored cuffs, collars, and the arrangement of brass or white metal buttons. Felt hats shaped or “cocked” up on three sides were trimmed in tape in the color matching the buttons of the regiment, in this case gold, decorated with the white cockade of France on the left side.

1/30 Scale
 Matte Finish
 1 Piece Set


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