25235 - German Grenadier in Greatcoat Kneeling Looking Up

W. Britains


German Grenadier in Greatcoat Kneeling Looking Up 

Soldiers in the combat zone must remain hyper vigilant, alert to any potential danger or threat. This vigilance must be heightened even further when in an urban environment. City combat differs from that in the open operationally and tactically. The complexity of a three-dimensional urban setting limits the soldier’s field of view and fire. Buildings enhance concealment and cover for defenders; second stories and above offer snipers excellent vantage points from which to apply their deadly craft. Below-ground infrastructure or rubble from a once sound building create ready-made fighting positions and facilitate placement of booby traps. Of course this soldier may just be looking up at the overwhelming Allied air superiority. 

1/30 Scale
 Matte Finish
 1 Piece Set

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