25253 - U.S. Armor Accessory Set, No.1

W. Britains

U.S. Armor Accessory Set, No.1

Supplies were crucial to keep the Allied armored spearhead moving into Germany. Important supplies for the army included fuel, oil, ammunition, and food to name a few. This set includes a 55 gallon fuel drum, 5 gallon lubrication can, a wooden box of .50 caliber linked ammo, pressed and smooth side Sherman tank road wheels, .30 and .50 caliber ammo cans, boxes of C and K food rations, and lastly the iconic “Jerrycan” for gasoline. (Jerrycan refers to its German origins, Jerry being British slang for Germans. The design was reverse engineered and subsequently copied, with minor modifications, by the Allies.) The items offered in this set are commonly seen in many of the most iconic U.S. armor photos of WWII. 

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

15 Piece Set

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