25270 - U.S. Tankers and Accessories Set, No.1

W. Britains

U.S. Tankers and Accessories Set, No.1

Two figures in this set wear the U.S. Tanker helmet. In 1938, the Ordnance Board initiated design work that would set a single standard for a new and improved tanker helmet. Based on previous tests, the Ordnance Board decided that the helmet already being tested by Rawlings Manufacturing Company was the best option. On 1 May 1941 Rawlings would file for patent on what they simply called a “Tank Helmet.” Later this helmet would be designated M1938. The most distinctive feature of this helmet versus previous designs was the leather ear flap assembly. The earflap extended well below the wearer’s ear and contained a device with a flexible housing for retaining the earphones in their proper position. The M1938 tank helmet continued in service through the late 1950s. 

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

7 Piece Set

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