31366 Confederate Infantry in Frock Coat Reaching for Cap No.2

W. Britains

This Confederate wears a single breasted frock coat based on the U.S. Army frock coat of 1861 but made of domestically produced and dyed cloth. Although every attempt was made to produce a steel gray cloth for Confederate army uniforms, colors could range from medium gray to grayish tan, dark tan, or oatmeal. Cloth dyed with especially good mordants might retain their steel gray, or brownish gray color, but with the effect of ultraviolet light these garments could quickly shift to any number of earthy tones in service. Some Federal soldiers descriptions of Confederates on campaign mention that the enemy soldiers often took on the color of dust. This soldier could represent a member of regiment from several different tstates and contrary to popular understanding, frock coats continued to be issued well into the second half of the war.

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