31463 - Union Infantry Sergeant at Rest

W. Britains

Union Infantry Sergeant at Rest 

According to Hardee’s revised manual, the position of “Parade Rest” has the rifle across the body with the left hand over the top near the muzzle and the right foot 6 inches to the rear left knee forming a “T.” Regulations (both U.S. and C.S.) state that the position of the rifle to be in the hollow of the right shoulder. When an 18th century soldier stood at parade rest without his rifle, right foot placement was the same as previously stated, his hands clasped together to his front. The modern U.S. soldier stands at parade rest with hands placed in the small of the back. A less formal manner of standing was “In Place-Rest.” With this command the soldier may stand with either foot on the line. As no provision is made for handling of the musket, it may be held at will. 

1/30 Scale,
Matte Finish
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