31482 - Union Infantry in Frock Coat Cheering

W. Britains

Union Infantry in Frock Coat Cheering

Called the Model 1858 Enlisted Frock Coat, the coats were intended to be worn as dress coats in conjunction with the broad-brimmed 1858 Hat a.k.a. The Jeff Davis or Hardee Hat, but were also worn in the field, usually with the standard issue M1858 Forage Cap as seen in many period photos taken during war. The infantry enlisted frock coat is a fully regulation issue coat with a nine-button front, two-button cuffs, and two buttons on the rear waist. The standing collar and functional cuffs are piped in light blue, the branch of service for U.S. Army infantry.

1/30 scale
Matte Finish

Single figure in box

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