35028 - “Friedrich” The New Arrival, 1855-68

W. Britains

“Friedrich” The New Arrival, 1855-68

The United States has always been a country made up of immigrants. The political and religious upheavals of 19th century Europe sent waves of people fleeing to North America. While these immigrants were from all points of the compass, Germans were the largest group. Between 1820 and 1914 nearly 6 million Germans came to the United States. The German Revolutions of 1848 sent scores of Germans across the seas. They settled in the big eastern cities and farmed the fertile midwestern fields. These new Americans were farmers, journalists, politicians, teachers, and doctors. They brought their customs of Christmas trees, breweries, kindergartens, and foods with them. When faced with the prospect of fighting the American Civil War, they stepped up and enlisted in the Union Army. The largest immigrant population to serve, over 176,000 U.S. soldiers were immigrants from Germany.

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