35030 - "Young Tom at the Tavern" Young Man Contemplating His Future, 1800-20

W. Britains

Young Tom at the Tavern, Young Man Contemplating His Future, 1800-20

19th century taverns provided food and lodging, as well as strong drink. These establishments were also known as “inns,” “public houses,” and “ordinaries,” the latter named for the regular meal or “ordinary” offered midday at a fixed price. They had a tapster in a cage – as opposed to at a long bar – serving any number of beverages including rum, gin, whiskey, hard apple cider, brandy, ale, beer, and wine. Locals and transients gathered there to swap political news, regional gossip, and travel stories while eating or relaxing by the fireplace. Both men and some women partook of these pleasures, many being travelers seeking overnight shelter.

1/30 scale
Matte Finish
Five piece set in box

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