35035 - "Miss Patty Dunbar" Woman with Patriotic Apron and Parasol, 1861-65

W. Britains

Miss Patty Dunbar Woman with Patriotic Apron and Parasol, 1861-65

While most women in the American Civil War did not fight in the battles, they did feel the impact of the war in their daily lives. Women like Miss Dunbar did what they could to support their loved ones off fighting. All over the country women organized into local Soldiers Aid Societies whose goal was to raise supplies, money, and, in general, assist in the war effort. These women would knit socks and bandages, host fairs and events to raise money, and sometimes even tend to sick and wounded soldiers. Miss Dunbar, like many other women of her era wears a patriotic apron to show her support of the cause.

1/30 scale
Matte Finish
1 Piece Set

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