36191 - French Imperial Guard Reaching for Cartridge

W. Britains

French Imperial Guard Reaching for Cartridge, 1815

The 1801 regulation French cartridge pouch was made of blackened calf skin with a large exterior flap. Under the main flap would be a lighter second flap which acted as a safety cover. Inside was a wooden block divided into three sections, two large square ones, each containing a pack of 15 paper cartridges, and in the middle was a block with six drilled holes containingindividual cartridges for easier access. Even more cartridges would be held in the backpack. Gun maintenance gear, spare flints, a horn or wooden practice flint, and a turnscrew would be in a small pouch outside the box proper, but still under the main flap.

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

Single Figure

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