62134 “Grindan” Saxon Attacking with Axe

W. Britains

62134 1/30 scale Matte Finish Single figure in box In Anglo-Saxon, name Grindan means sharp. Grind is derived from it and the Old English meaning of grindan was “crush into powder, grate, scrape,” with the word forgrindan meaning “destroy by crushing.” An apt name to be sure for this fearsome warrior. He is about to deliver a blow with his short axe or Francisca. This type of axe was designed primarily as a throwing weapon. It has a distinctive arch-shaped head, widening toward the cutting edge and a short haft length of around 16-18 inches. If, or when, the does hurl his axe, a long sword is still at his side. His heavy cloak would keep him warm and dry and is woven in a simple pattern of gray wool.

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