TR010 Count Otto von Bismarck

King & Country

Otto Edouard Leopold von Bismarck was born in the year of Waterloo, 1815, as a member of the ruling upper class of Prussian Junker landowners. Always interested in politics he rose rapidly through the ranks of government and held several of the most senior positions including minister president and Prussia’s foreign minister. Bismarck also provoked three short, successful wars against Denmark, Austria and France which gained Prussia additional territory and the impetus to finally gather all the minor German states together under one leader with one aim… to be the leading power in continental Europe. As a personality, away from the political sphere, Bismarck was strong-willed, outspoken and sometimes overbearing but he could also be polite, charming and witty when the situation demanded it. MEMORIALS Even during his lifetime von Bismarck was widely recognized for his many achievements. All over Germany during his life many citizens began to praise him and throughout the country, monies were donated to erect statues and monuments celebrating his work, some of which survive to this day. This latest TR release is inspired by a statue of the great man which can still be seen in the Tiergarten Park in Berlin and depicts him in traditional German military uniform.

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Type: Miniature

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