VN143-1 North Vietnamese T-55A Main Battle Tank #312

King & Country

The T55 was a direct development of the earlier T54 and virtually identical in outward appearance. From the late 1950s it became the standard main battle tank for the Soviet Army and other Warsaw Pact nations. It would go on to be involved in many of the world’s armed conflicts in the latter half of the 20th Century... including Vietnam. The T54/55 series would become the most produced tank in history with estimated production runs of anywhere from 86,000 up to 100,000 vehicles. China’s People’s Liberation Army also manufactured their own exact copy called the T59 and built about 5,000 additional versions of the design. Our first King & Country model is numbered #312 and mounts the excellent 100mmm Main Gun together with the 12.7 turret mounted DShK Heavy Machine Gun. A tank commander figure is included and the model also has the additional fuel drums mounted on the rear of the engine compartment.

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