WOD070 Sherlock Holmes & The Hound of the Baskervilles

King & Country

This unique little set features the three principal characters of the story... Mr. Sherlock Holmes wearing his trademark ‘deerstalker’ hat with ‘Inverness’ cape and coat stands four square his right arm extended and aiming his .44 caliber revolver at the approaching beast. Supporting his friend is the sturdy figure of Dr. Watson, suitably clad in his sensible ‘Harris Tweed’ Norfolk hunting suit. In his hands the good Doctor carries his trusty ‘Elephant Gun’. And finally we come to the beast itself... a large and ugly looking brute who none of us would like to meet on a dark night on Dartmoor... or anywhere else come to that! Bright red glowing eyes sit above a gaping, snarling mouthful of sharp, vicious looking teeth sitting above a huge, werewolf-like body... a wild animal of nightmarish proportions! However putting all that aside... a great little set and the perfect gift for any Sherlock Holmes enthusiast.

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