13089 - U.S.N. Sailor in “Crackerjacks,” 1930-45

W. Britains


U.S.N. Sailor in “Crackerjacks,” 1930-45

The uniform worn by a U.S. sailor in 1886 was essentially the same as what he wore when he came home after WWII. Its basics were a blue, wool jumper, short jacket, and flare-bottomed trousers, which were easily rolled up, essential for deck washing. The square collar, or “tar flap” was used to protect the uniform in the time when sailors wore the log hair in a queue held together by tar and was originally a separate piece. Wedge-shaped pieces of canvas sewn together with a brim rolled low was used as cover and became known as a “Dixie Cup” hat. The black silk neckerchief was primarily worn as a sweat rag but could also be used as a battle dressing. These “service dress blues,” would be nicknamed “Cracker Jacks” after the popular snack treat’s cartoon mascot first seen in 1916.

1/30 Scale
Matte Finish

1 Piece Set

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