25236 - German Grenadier in Greatcoat Kneeling, No.2

W. Britains


German Grenadier in Greatcoat Kneeling, No.2 

In 1942, Hitler renamed his infantry regiments as “Grenadier” regiments as a historical homage to Frederick the Great’s Royal Prussian Army. Historically grenadiers were explosives and assault-specialists (the very title is derived from the word grenade). These extraordinary combat units were established in the mid-17th century and the soldiers recruited were some of the largest and strongest. Physically robust, these hardy soldiers were in the vanguard of any assault and by sheer force of will were meant to carry the day. By late 1942, Germany had already suffered a great defeat in the Battle of Moscow and was losing the initiative in all theaters and the Fatherland would not be saved by a little rebranding. 

1/30 Scale
 Matte Finish
 1 Piece Set

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