31451 - Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Mounted

W. Britains


Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Mounted

Arguably, the most famous horse during the American Civil War was Robert E. Lee’s primary mount, Traveller. He was a gray American Saddlebred of 16 hands (64 inches, 163 cm), notable for his speed, strength, and grace under fire. Difficult to frighten, his steady demeanor made him a good horse for an officer in the heat of battle. However, at the Second Battle of Bull Run, while Lee was at the front reconnoitering, dismounted, and holding Traveller by the bridle, the horse was uncharacteristically spooked. Rearing up and lunging forward he pulled Lee down, breaking both of his hands. After the war, Traveller accompanied Lee to Washington College in Lexington, Virginia. Traveller outlived Lee by only a few months. 

1/30 Scale
 Matte Finish
 Single Figure in Box

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