16022 - Continental Line/1st AmericaContinental Line/1st American Regiment Charging No.1, 1777-87

W. Britains

Continental Line/1st American Regiment Charging No.1, 1777-87

In 1779 new uniform regulations were published in an attempt to standardize the dress of the Continental Army. The uniform was described as blue with the facings (collar, cuffs, and lapels) for the New England states white, Mid-Atlantic states red, and southern states blue. Musicians continued to wear uniform coats in reverse colors. To further simplify supply, in 1782, blue coats faced red became standard for the entire army. When the army was reduced to one regiment in 1783, surplus clothing was used until the supplies were exhausted. The first real modification to the coats occurred after 1787 when new coats were produced that changed the old style falling collar to the current fashion of a small standing collar.

1/30 scale
Matte Finish

1 Piece Set

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