16111 - Legion of the United States (Wayne’s Legion) Infantryman Standing Firing, 1794

W. Britains

Legion of the United States (Wayne’s Legion) Infantryman Standing Firing, 1794

Many of the details of the clothing and the equipment of the U.S. Army between 1792 and 1796 are still unknown. Records are sparse and often cryptic; complaining of the quality, and suggesting modifications that may, or may not have been implemented during the existence of the Legion. It is thought that the traditional cartridge box worn on the right hip and suspended by a buff belt was replaced with a small cartridge box worn on a wide waist belt on the center front of the soldier. A narrow strap attached to either side of the box on the belt passed over the neck of the infantryman to support the weight of the box, but there were complaints about the shoddy construction and serviceability. The weapon of the regular infantry continued to be the steel banded French style muskets as used during the Revolution, and Wayne insisted that the bayonet be fixed at all times while the men were on duty.

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