16140 Piper 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, 1759-64

W. Britains

Piper 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, 1759-64

One of the earliest references to a piper in the 42nd was of Donald MacDonald (a participant of the Black Watch Mutiny of 1743), and a 1759 record which mentions a Pipe-Major suggesting that there were several in the regiment. What is not clear is if they were paid for out of pocket by the Colonel, or if they were listed as drummers or fifers. Either scenario is probable during the 18th century, and as a result it is hard to know if they were uniformed in the traditional musicians coats decorated with yards of regimental lace or not. The same can be said of the wearing of bonnets or bearskins, although the 1759 description of the Pipe-Major describes the bearskin cap and silver lacing on his highland regimental coat

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