AK058(SL) Rommel's Desert Taxi

King & Country

During the war in North Africa, Erwin Rommel believed in being in as many places as he could, in meeting as many of his men and commanders as possible and seeing for himself what the situation was really like… either in or behind the frontline. He made ample use of the Luftwaffe's resources to get him all over the battlefield and his command. Among his most useful Desert Taxis", as he often referred to them, was the Messerschmitt 108 "Taifun". Designed and developed in the 1930's by Willy Messerschmitt this little 4-seater was the fore runner of the world-famous Me.109 fighter. Our Afrika Korps versions is in typical worn and weathered Luftwaffe tropical paint scheme of dark mottle over sand colour. Through the clear canopy you can see a fully detailed cockpit. Outside stand Rommel's personal pilot and a brand-new portrait study of the great Field Marshall himself. "

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