DD334 The British Sherman Firefly Vc

King & Country

This K&C model is in the markings of a 'B' Squadron vehicle of the 23rd Hussars, belonging to the 11th Armoured Division during the battle for Normandy. Because the 'Firefly' had a visibly longer main gun barrel, crews often tried to camouflage it with paint so that the tank would look like, from a distance, the more normal and numerous, 75mm-gun M4 Sherman. Our King & Country 'Firefly' comes with a ‘half-body’ tank commander and a 'head and shoulders' driver in the open hatches. As additional protection this 'Firefly' also has extra tank tracks mounted around the turret and on the tank hull itself.

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Category: WWII K&C DD

Type: Miniature

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