25212 - German Artillery Officer on Field Phone, 1941-45

W. Britains


German Artillery Officer on Field Phone, 1941-45

This artillery officer uses the feldfernsprecher 33 (FF33) field telephone of the German military forces of WWII. It was introduced in 1933 as a modern replacement for the older styles dating from the First World War. Although it was a general purpose field telephone designed for wired communications, it could be connected to various radio sets to act as a remote handset. The complete telephone weighed almost 13 pounds and was housed in a bakelite case carried on a leather shoulder strap. Each telephone unit included a press to talk (PTT) handset, switchboard patch cable, generator crank, 1.5 volt battery, and internal framework for the telephone components. The simplest set up was point to point, requiring two sets, but several could be hooked up to communicate with a command post, and up to 20 units could be linked by a switchboard. Headphone (kopfhörer) and throat microphone (kehlkopfmikrofon) could be used with the telephone when it was used by switchboard operators.

1/30 scale

Matte Finish
1 Piece Set

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