53037 - Barrels, 18th-20th Century Wet and Dry Cooperage

W. Britains


Barrels, 18th-20th Century Wet and Dry Cooperage

The cooper’s craft of barrel making was an early and long-standing one. Wooden cooperage was common in the Roman Empire and one of the earliest depictions of a wooden tub dates back even further to 2600 BC. Traditionally there are three types of cooperage: white, dry, and wet. White cooperage consists of straight-sided items such as butter churns, buckets, and tubs of various sizes and often made of pine or oak. Dry cooperage are kegs and casks for dry goods and may not be watertight or waterproof. Wet cooperage consists of barrels that are precisely crafted to be water tight. Smaller containers were generally referred to as kegs, while larger containers were called casks and could be rolled. The name barrel is often used today to describe any size container, although in historic terms this would be a 36 gallon cask.

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