10107 Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot, 1939-45

W. Britains

Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot, 1939-45

In accordance with the terms of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, Germany was banned from having any air force. When the Nazi Party came into power that treaty was abandoned and the Luftwaffe’s existence was publicly acknowledged. To aid Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War in 1936, the Luftwaffe sent a detachment known as the Condor Legion, ostensibly to test their fledgling air service. They were an unequivocal success. The Luftwaffe proved to be the most sophisticated, technologically advanced, and battle-experienced air force in the world. This pilot’s peak cap is made of blue-grey fabric, has a black patent leather peak, and is piped with silver cap-cords. A silver bullion embroidered Luftwaffe eagle has two stylized wings with cockade in the center

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