10120 U.S. General George S. Patton and Willy, England, 1944

W. Britains

As Patton was the ultimate alpha dog, the breed of Bull Terrier seemed like the most logical choice of pet. Soon after World War I, the young Patton acquired a Bull Terrier and became enamored with the breed. He owned many “Bullies” in his lifetime. During World War II, Patton acquired a new Bull Terrier and named him “William the Conqueror.” Perhaps because of the isolation of command or Patton’s persona non grata due to significant infractions of military code, Willie became his favorite and constant companion. The General had G.I. dog tags made for Willie and lavished him with praise and affection. He was beside his master in 1944 as United States 7th Army raced across Europe. As the Allies pushed towards the Rhine, Patton bragged, “I will personally shoot that [expletive deleted] Hitler, and Willie hopes the little [expletive deleted] comes back as a fire hydrant!”

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