10135 - French General Marquis de Montcalm, 1759

W. Britains

French General Marquis de Montcalm, 1759 

Of noble birth, Montcalm entered military service at a young age and saw action in the wars of Polish Succession and Austrian Succession. When the Seven Years’ War spread to New France, King Louis XV sent Brigadier General Montcalm to the colonies as Commander-in-Chief. His first major victory in the French & Indian War came at the Battle of Fort Oswego. However, this relatively quick and easy victory was marred by Montcalm’s native allies who massacred upwards of 100 prisoners after their surrender. The slaughter happened again after the surrender of Fort William Henry giving him a great disdain for his allies. This contempt may have aided in his downfall on the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City where he marched out of the city without waiting for these allies before meeting the British who were ultimately victorious. Montcalm was mortally wounded while trying to rally his shattered army. 

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