16025 - Native Warrior Swinging Gunstock War Club

W. Britains

Native Warrior Swinging Gunstock War Club

This indigenous weapon was used by many Native American groupings from the Eastern Woodlands to the Central and Northern Plains. It was so named by the Europeans who encountered it because of its similar appearance to the wooden stocks of their own muskets and rifles. In fact there is a dispute as to the origin of the weapon, whether its design was based on the firearms the indigenous warriors encountered – a spent musket could be easily turned around and used as a club if need be – or its design was organic and purely coincidental. Typically weighing two to three pounds and made of straight grain hardwood, its swing force was focused on a small striking edge and could be deadly. The addition of a spear point of flint, horn, or iron increased its lethality.

1/30 scale
Matte Finish

Single figure in box

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