16128 - Art of War, Mile’s Pennsylvania State Rifle Regiment, 1776

W. Britains

Art of War: Mile’s Pennsylvania State Rifle Regiment, 1776 - Art of Don Troiani

Samuel Miles (1739–1805) was appointed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly on 13 March 1776 to be colonel of the rifle regiment “formed for the defense of Pennsylvania proper.” Miles’s state regiment consisted of two battalions of riflemen, each commanded by a lieutenant colonel. The regiment joined the flying camp at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, sometime in July 1776, and by 12 August it was in New York. At the Battle of Long Island on 27 August, the regiment was cut off by Hessian troops, and many of its officers and men, including Miles, were taken prisoner. In spite of his vigorous efforts to be exchanged, Miles remained a prisoner until April 1778. Based on the Soldier Study by Don Troiani Mile’s Pennsylvania State Rifle Regiment, 1776

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

1 Piece Set

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