16137 - Continental Line in Hunting Shirt Standing Alert

W. Britains

Continental Line in Hunting Shirt Standing Alert

On the North American frontier the hunting shirt can be traced back to the 1730s. It differs from a smock or frock in that it opened down the entire front. When belted, this opening created a natural pocket in which to place small items like food or trade trinkets. The cape on the back and shoulders was strictly for looks as it did not offer rain protection, and the fringe along the edges and cape, which was inspired by the eastern woodland Indians, likewise was strictly ornamental. Washington wrote that he “earnestly encourages the use of hunting shirts,” in part because they were “justly supposed to carry no small terror to the enemy, who think every such person a complete marksman.” So moved, Washington clothed his army in this unconventional uniform.

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

Single figure in box

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