16174 - Art of War, Shawnee Indian Warrior, 1750-80

W. Britains


Art of War: Shawnee Indian Warrior, 1750-80

 - Art of Don Troiani

Trade ties originally had the Shawnee allied with Great Britain but in 1754 they sided with the French and were crucial to the successful ambush of Braddock’s Column in 1755. Finally making peace with the British in 1758, a border was established recognizing the limits of British colonization. However, as Anglo-European colonists continued to move westward, the Crown had difficulty enforcing the boundary and now, after suffering defeat in the American War of Independence, had no way of stemming any expansion. Once again, in 1812, the Shawnee sided with the British, and ravaged Ohio and Kentucky farmlands. This Shawnee is in standard fighting dress: usually just a loincloth and leggings, and armed with a short rifle, in addition to the traditional weapon of a hardwood club.

1/30 scale 
Matte Finish
1 Piece Set

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