25215 - U.S. Tanker Standing Gesturing, Winter, 1944-45

W. Britains

U.S. Tanker Standing Gesturing, Winter, 1944-45

Hand and arm signals – the simple movements that allow users to communicate with their squad, platoon, or fire team – are an essential fieldcraft skill. Visual communication in battle is an ancient art. In the past, large commands used flags or pennants but small, tactical units would have to rely on their appendages. Even today, in the era of radios and cell phones, silent communication is often crucial if not life saving. And, quite simply, radios break. This commander is starting the “assemble” signal, by raising his arm, extending his index finger, and rotating his hand at the wrist.

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

1 Piece Set

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Category: W. Britain World War II

Type: Miniature

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