31345 - Confederate Flagbearer, 4th Texas, 1st Issue Flag

W. Britains

Having presented the 1st Texas Infantry with the famous “Wigfall flag” in summer of 1861, Brigadier General, and former Texas senator, Louis T. Wigfall’s family set out to provide both the 4th and 5th Texas Infantry of the Texas Brigade with battle flags as well. Sewn by his wife Charlotte, the two flags were in the pattern of the official Confederate Battle Flag (or “St. Andrew’s Cross”) but with an especially large Lone Star at center. The two flags were presented to the regiments while the Texas Brigade was encamped at Dumfries, Va., in winter of 1861-62. The flags were then carried throughout the Peninsula Campaign, the Seven Days battles, Second Manassas, South Mountain, and Antietam. The flags were so shot up that they were retired and the 4th Texas was issued a Richmond Depot Third Bunting Issue flag that was carried for the rest of the war.

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