31348 Federal in FrockCoat Standing Defending, No. 2

W. Britains

31348 1/30 Scale Matte Finish 1 Piece Set This soldier takes a defensive position with his bayonet at the ready. Although rarely used in combat, the bayonet was a fearsome weapon indeed. This one was designed for use with the Springfield .58 caliber rifle and gave an extra long reach for close quarters fighting. It is a socket style bayonet meaning it fit around the musket’s barrel. It was made of steel and had a 21" overall length with an 18" offset blade, allowing the gun to be fired and reloaded while the bayonet was attached. The triangular shaped blade was stronger than the single or double-edged types of the time and created wounds which were harder to treat due to the difficulty of closing a deep triangular incision.

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