31388 - Confederate Flagbearer, 1st Texas Flag, Wigfall Pattern, Texas Brigade

W. Britains

This is a "Lone Star" flag inscribed with battle honors “Seven Pines/Gaines Farm” in the blue canton, and in the field, the honors “Elthams Landing” and “Malvern Hill.” This flag was reportedly made by the wife and daughter of the regiment’s first colonel, Louis T. Wigfall, and was presented to the 1st Texas Regiment when it was organized in the summer of 1861. On 17 September 1862, the 1st Texas Regiment took part in the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg), which still stands as the bloodiest day in American history. The Confederate Army was retreating when the 1st Texas was ordered to counterattack in Miller’s cornfield. In the course of two hours, the regiment would lose 186 of its 226 men. This 82.3 percent casualty rate was the highest endured during the war by any unit, North or South. Nine Texas standard bearers were killed carrying this flag before it was captured by a Federal soldier of the 9th Pennsylvania, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his deed.

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