31423 Union Artillery Crewman with Fuze Pouch and Lanyard

W. Britains

Confederate Artillery Crewman with Sponge and Rammer

Most of the artillery used during the war were still muzzle loading weapons requiring the powder charge and projectile to be loaded from the front. For a gun crew to get off the maximum number of accurate rounds per minute, they used a system whereby each man had a number. His number indicated his main task, with the number 1 position stationed at the right front of the muzzle. His main piece of equipment was the Sponge and Rammer, a long wooden shaft with a sponge made of carpet at one end and a turned wooden rammer at the other. The sponge was dipped in water to douse any sparks or burning debris between rounds and the rammer was used to seat the charge and projectile firmly at the breech.

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

Single figure in box

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