31425 - "Load!" Confederate Artillery with 12 Pound Howitzer

W. Britains

Load! Confederate Artillery with 12 Pound Howitzer

Some time in the early 1830s the Army realized its need for a smaller, lighter, more versatile cannon that would still have almost the same range as a larger cannon. Their answer to this problem was to shorten the tube and shape the breech like a funnel. The resulting gun was the Model 1841 Howitzer. With the same bore size as the 12-pound gun it was light weight and rugged and the most proficient piece of weaponry of its kind during the 19th century. The 12-pound howitzer could send a common shell a distance of 840 yd with a one pound charge while a 12-pound Napoleon would need a 2.0 pound charge and deliver the same shell 1,300 yd. The Army used it for 50 years, mostly on the western plains. 

Seven piece set
1/30 scale, matte finish

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