35025 - “Mrs. Egen and Daughter” At the Parade, Civil War Era

W. Britains

“Mrs. Egen and Daughter” at the Parade, Civil War Era

(Set comes with both USA & Confederate flags)

“Oh Look Mama!” the young girl seems to say. The anticipation and excitement of a child is contagious, spilling over to all around her. One cannot help but get caught up in the moment. Seeing the wondrous world through their children’s eyes lightens the heart of just about all parents. Here, Mrs. Egen beckons her daughter forward, patriotically waving a flag to heighten the moment. Her daughter beholds the site in complete wonderment and joy. Just what are they viewing? Has the parade finally reached them? Are they running to catch the merriment of the band playing at the town’s gazebo? Perhaps the county fair or traveling circus has come to town. Oh, the joy of it all!

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

3 piece set in box

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