53007 - Old Growth Oak Tree, Summer

W. Britains

Old Growth Oak Tree, Summer

A symbol of strength, morality, resistance, and wisdom – the oak holds great significance in many cultures. Druids regarded the oak tree as sacred and in fact their name was derived from the Latin term druides which means oak. It was the divine tree of Zeus and the centerpiece of Dodona, the oldest Hellenic oracle, and in Norse mythology it was the symbol of Thor. In Slavic mythology, the oak represents the world: its branches, the heavens; trunk, the living world of mortals; its roots, the underworld. 

Across civilizations, oak trees have borne the tenets of Knowledge and Wisdom; Strength and Power; Love and Commitment; Honor and Nobility. It’s no wonder rulers and kings have used the mighty oak as a symbol their authority and sovereignty throughout history.

Realistic and durable, this piece is designed to fit a common book shelf. Multiple trees placed at differing angles will give your display the illusion of a dense, old growth forest.
Tree: 12" Tall, 11" Spread • Base: 3" Long, 3 ¾" Wide
1/30 Scale • Matte Finish • 1 Piece Scenic Accessory

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