AK107 Rommel's ADLER Command Vehicle

King & Country

During his time in North Africa, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel made use of several different vehicles to get around the battlefield – both German and captured British. Two of his personal favourites were a pair of SdKfz.250 half tracks especially adapted for his personal use, “GREIF” and “ADLER”. Back in 2007 K&C produced a “Strictly Limited” version of the “GREIF” which swiftly sold out and ever since has been much sought after on the ‘secondary market’. Now, we have produced a brand-new and much improved model of the other vehicle, the “ADLER”. Again this new model has a fully detailed interior and two complete figures, a driver and a radio operator. Unlike the first Command Vehicle this new version also has a 2-colour camouflage scheme.

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