BBA091 .30 Cal. Machine Gun Team

W. Britains

Another of John M. Browning’s masterpieces, the ‘Model 1919’ was originally developed as a general purpose machine gun for the U.S. Cavalry, for use in its tanks and armoured cars or, in the ‘ground role’ mounted on a tripod. The U.S. Infantry liked the weapon so much that during WWⅡ they introduced both a rifle-style butt in addition to the more familiar pistol grip. The heavy barrel was air-cooled using a perforated jacket. The gun’s tripod mount could be adjusted allowing the gunner to utilise both the ‘sitting’ and ‘lying prone’ positions. Our 2-man team are in the prone position with the gun’s ‘Number 2’ feeding the ammunition belt into the M1919 with his M1 Garand lying next to him.

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