WS098 - GERMAN T34

King & Country

WS098 “German T34”  After the invasion of Russia in 1941 the Germans captured huge amounts of Soviet arms and equipment. One of the most impressive and useful was the all-new (at least to the Germans) T34-76 tank. Robust… easy to handle and well armoured the T34 came as a nasty shock to the Nazis. Fortunately for them Soviet tank tactics were primitive in the extreme and hundreds of these vehicles were captured intact and in fine working order.

The Germans quickly decided to use them and, in some cases, made improvements on the Russian design. Our model, WS098, boasts German-style sideskirt protection as well as a Panzer III/IV topturret hatch, three-colour camouflage and a Nazi recognition flag. Three German tank crew accompany the vehicle.

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